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Tioxide TR92

  • Tioxide TR92
  • Tioxide TR92
Model No.︰TR92
Country of Origin︰United Kingdom
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 30.5 / KG
Minimum Order︰25 KG
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Product Description

TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment is a multipurpose
grade of titanium dioxide which has been
designed to give optimum properties over the
widest possible range of applications in many
industries, such as coatings, plastics, inks and
paper. It wets and disperses readily in a very
broad range of aqueous and solvent based
coatings. The grade is known for its high
opacity, excellent colour and multifunctionality.
TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment is a very well
established grade, launched after many years of
development and subjected to continuous
incremental improvements to ensure it gives the
highest levels of performance across a wide
range of applications. The success of
TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment is reflected in the broad
usage that this grade has achieved, since it is
now used in coatings, plastics and specialities
applications (See Figure 1).
The flexibility of TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment is
emphasised by the variety of coating applications
in which it is incorporated. Industrial Specialist
applications include vehicle refinish, powder
coating and coil coatings amongst others, while
Industrial General Purpose covers a range of
metal finishing applications for which
TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment is highly suitable.
In Europe, TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment is the most
widely used titanium dioxide pigment. In recent
years, product development efforts have been
used to improve the overall quality and
performance of TIOXIDE® TR92 pigment, to
ensure that it continues to be as competitive as
ever, and that it retains its best selling status.

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